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Our Story

After graduating high school, Marvin Frink joined the military to provide for his family and to help serve his country. Dedicating 15 years of service, including deployment to fight for his country, Marvin found himself dealing with anxiety. His father noticed he was suffering with PTSD and introduced him to farming.

Using farming and working with the cattle on a daily basis helps with the transition from military life to civilian life. After the passing of his father, Marvin continued the dream his father had for him of becoming a cattleman.

Briarwood Cattle Farm is a first generation cattle farm owned and operated by veteran Marvin Frink and his wife Tanisha Frink. After serving honorably in the U.S. Army, his father [the late Reverend Kirby Frink] saw that Marvin was suffering from PTSD and knew that farming and raising cattle would help. Living out his father’s wishes, Marvin is now grazing a good healthy herd of Black Angus cattle near Raeford, North Carolina.

In 2015, a lifelong dream became a reality; to ensure success, Marvin continues to educate himself in cattle ranching. Although born in Florida in a drug-infested area–where his parents worked hard to keep Marvin and his siblings on the right track–Marvin was determined to be a success.

Thankful for the opportunity to help feed America and become a better person with the outstanding support from Farmer Veteran Coalition, family, close friends, and the community, success is in the near future for an American veteran who served his country proudly.

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